Around 3 years Ago, our life led us to Mitzpe ramon, one of the most remote towns in israel. we discoverd such a beauty in this town – such a variety of creative and special people.

we thought this place, with its people and the desert, the special vibe, would be the perfect place to start building up our place, our dream. 

we dreamed of a place that would be a home for travelers, for artists, that will give a space for a better and more strong communication between human beings.

And so, we started Me'ever. what's going on here?

we are proud to host thousands of travelers each year 

we are hosting and producing more then 30 workshops each year! – retreats, yoga, meditation, movement and much more!

we are a home for 12 big, exciting conventions and festivals! 

this are just the numbers. if you really wish to feel the magic, you are more then welcome to come and stay here during your israel visit, or join one of our events!

much love,



we offer simple & cool and clean accommodation options.

We invite to meet during your stay other great travelers like you, the people of Mitzpe ramon, and the amazing staff of Me'ever…

Come to be a part of an inspiring daily life!


From producing  festivals to creating intimate workshops, hosting alternative weddings and cool parties – we offer an amazing and accurate space for events and group processes. 

You have a crazy idea or a secret dream?? call us, let’s talk about it!


Check out some of the vibe!

Located at

Har Boker St 4, Mitzpe Ramon

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